Tassullo - Bio-E® Limewellness

Bio-E® natural hydraulic lime: a vocation for quality

What is BIO-E®?

BIO-E® is the NHL-5 natural hydraulic lime on which all products in the BIO-E® range are based. Using this binder, traditional mortars and plasters can be made directly on site.

BIO-E®: naturally certified.

NHL TASSULLO hydraulic lime certificate

The entire manufacturing cycle for BIO-E® natural hydraulic lime, from the quarrying of the raw material right through to the finished product, is certified and guaranteed according to the standard EN 459-1.

In addition, BIO-E® natural hydraulic lime is hallmarked by its high degree of natural quality, as demonstrated by the absence of chemically-manufactured substances, resins or other synthetic additives, and by its very low content of natural radioactivity, as certified by the quality mark Ultra Low Radioactivity.

BIO-E®: a vocation for quality

Since 1909, Bio-E® NHL 5 has been manufactured by the low-temperature firing of a marlstone consisting of calcium carbonate and clay, quarried from the ancient mines of San Romedio.

Tassullo natural hydraulic lime

After firing, the marlstone is graded, and then hydrated. Bio-E® has been compared to Ancient Roman hydraulic lime, whose durability has been proven by millennial history.