Tassullo - Bio-E® Limewellness

The ethics of Wellness and responsibility towards man

The ethics of Wellness and responsibility towards man: these are the two concepts that encapsulate the Tassullo approach.

Pure products, with a wealth of history and no additives, for sensitivity to health and the environment, and to give the home a more natural quality.

BIO-E® Natural hydraulic lime

The BIO-E® Limewellness range is the best possible expression of this approach: a complete range of natural, high quality hydraulic lime materials, all completely natural, vapour-permeable and eco-compatible.

The BIO-E® Limewellness range presents a series of products designed to increase man's psycho-physical wellness, considering that people now spend the majority of their time at home, in the office, or more in general, indoors.

Buildings can be thought of as a sort of "second skin", with the function of protecting man, letting his body breathe satisfactorily and enabling him to live in a healthy and natural interior habitat.

BIO-E® Limewellness

TASSULLO offers a series of completely natural and vapour-permeable building materials, which facilitate the continuous vapour exchange between interior and exterior, thus improving living comfort and wellness.